Mr. Patrick's Story

Mr Patrick is a musician, comedian, dad and self-styled "maker of musical mischief" who loves entertaining families with his wacky blend of absurd comedy and catchy, sing-along-able tunes.   If Beethoven were alive he would call Patrick, "Der dumme Mensch mit dem Frosch auf dem Kopf," which loosely translates to "the silly man with the frog on his head."   But since Ludwig is no longer with us, take the word of, who called him, "the talented and very funny pied piper of kidsville," with Staten Island Family magazine chiming in that, "you won't be able to sit still listening to this fun music."   Can't argue with that, can you?

Mr. Patrick loves mixing comedy and  music to create a combination that is more fun than a barrel full of monkeys.  (Not that barrels filled with monkeys are particularly fun, but you get the idea.)    He's played live shows both as a solo artist and with his group the Rock-A-Silly Band at more parties, schools, camps, zoos, libraries, museums and parks than you can shake a stick at.   (That's, of course, assuming you don't often shake sticks.   If you're a professional stick-shaker then you may have shaken sticks more than he's played, but you hopefully get the point.)